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Landscape Products

wdt_IDService / ProductCode1 - 45 - 712 - 20$per Bulka Bags 1.0 Ton
1TOP SOILTS58.0057.4955.4982.50
2TURF UNDERLAY NATURALTUN57.5056.5055.5081.50
3GARDEN MIXGM60.8959.8958.9084.89
4WOOD CHIPWC50.0048.5047.5081.50
5RED WOOD CHIPWCR81.5080.5079.00106.50
6PINE BARKPB1079.0078.0077.00104.00
7EUCALYPTUS MULCHEM69.0068.0067.0094.00
8WHITE PEBBLES (20mm)WP20197.00195.50194.50221.50
9GOLD PEBBLES (20mm)GG20197.00195.50194.50221.50

Builders Products

wdt_IDService / ProductCode1 - 45 - 1112 - 20$per Bulka Bags 1.0 Ton
1PURE WHITE B/S (DIXON)WBPD75.0074.5073.0099.50
2YELLOW B/SYB58.7057.7056.1982.70
3SYDNEY SANDSS71.0070.0068.0095.00
4NEWCASTLE SANDNCS63.0062.0060.0087.00
5BEDDING SAND RECYCLEDBS38.5038.0036.0063.50
6COLD MIXCOLD247.50245.00244.00304.00
7BASALT AGGREGATE – 5,7,10,14,20 mmBM10,BM2079.2078.1976.70103.20
8METAL DUSTMD47.2046.2045.1971.69
9DGB20 ROAD BASE RECYCLEDRDGB2048.5047.5045.0072.50
10DGB20 ROAD BASE NATURALDGB2079.2078.1976.70103.20

Builders Products

wdt_IDService / ProductCode$ - Each$ - Pallet Price$ - Pallet Price 4 & Over
1Builders Cement - Blue Circle (20kg)CBB209.738.71 per bag (72)8.73 per bag (288)
2General Purpose Cement - Blue Circle (20kg)GP209.228.73 per bag (72)
3Off White Cement - Blue Circle (20kg)CO2010.8510.35 per bag (72)10.35 per bag (288)
4Lime - (20kg)L13.8413.35 per bag (54)
5Builders Clay - (20kg)BC12.8412.35 per bag (60)
6Sand/Cement Mix - (20kg)SCM8.227.73 per bag (72)
7Concrete Mix - (20kg)CM8.227.73 per bag (72)
8Quickset - (20kg)QS9.228.73 per bag (72)

Please Note: Prices are subject to change without notice and material is subject to availability.